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I wanted to thank Kobi and Erik and everyone over at Major van lines for a excellent moving experience. Our move consisted of a studio apartment to be moved from Los Angeles to Dallas Texas at 2,000 lbs with some packing.

Major van lines did terrific work with packing, loading and at delivery.
They came on time and made sure everything was placed where we wanted it.
The move was conducted just as described and at the price quoted so we are happy to offer a great review of their services.
THANK YOU Major van lines

07/11/21012 kory melvin.

This guys are awesome!
They showed up on time, were very careful with all the furniture (had moving blankets and shrink wrap),
hey even had extra boxes and helped packed some of the little items.
JOB WELL DONE Major van lines .

07/22/2012 Ruth Sullivan

I am so lucky there was no rain during our move.
It rarely rains in the SW but with our luck the forecast was predicating a chance.
I have so much wicker and paintings that I was gonna go mad. But Major van lines guys calmed me and re-assured me they would be delicate and were so helpful.
They backed the truck up in a way that things could go directly into the truck.v PERFACT MOVING ALL THE BEST MAJOR VAN LINES THX A MILION.

08/11/2012 Racheal Levinson

Major van lines even offered to delivery straight ahead as the truck was heading in that direction, expedited delivery without any damages to my belongings and no additional fees,
glad I was bailed on! crew were prompt. There were hardly and problems. The pricing was fair. They got my vote if I have to do another move.
Thx again Major van lines.

08/23/2012 Mike Rozefarb

I really liked what I saw when the came by my shop. My client called back and said everything went fine. Keep on trucking Major van lines and job well done.

08/15/2012 Adam kingesely

I received my items the next day.
The moving men were nice. I feel they did a great job for me. I move a lot . Next time I move I will make sure to only use Major van lines .

08/29/2012 Kelvin c

it was great! The pick-up and the delivery were on time and went really smooth. The movers took really good care of my stuff.
Major van lines were professional, really nice and did an amazing job.
It's the second time I'm moving but it's my first time with Major van lines , for sure when I'll move again I know whom to contact.


The movers we had were super nice and FAST FAST FAST.
Not one thing was even minutely damaged, and they were courteous and respectful, placing everything in the appropriate places at our new apartment.
Major van lines is a wonderful company with a great work ethic. If you're moving and want a relaxing, smooth transition, definitely go with these guys.
Thank you Major van lines .

09/26/2012 James d.

I would definitely recommend Major van lines for your move.
These guys worked hard! I can't say enough good things. The move was flawless. Can't recommend them enough! Worth every penny.

10/09/2012 Mark j.

These guys offered to us not only the most affordable price for our move, but also they did really great job. Everything was smooth, fast and professional. Thank you very much Major van lines !

10/10/2012 Rene sulk.

very impressed with their affordability, professionalism, and capabilities.
They are supremely professional, very adept at finding ways to pack your items, and also very careful.
All the best Major van lines.

10/11/2012 Kids Fitness USA Marvin and Lisa cordon.

Movers were extremely good . Keep up the good work. I will be sure to tell everyone our experience with your company!
Thank you so much Major van lines .

10/11/2012 marched Lora.

Thank you for a great Move, Everything arrived on time and our moving team were great.
Simply a great Moving Company!

10/15/2012 Jason and marry.

They were very quick, so kind, and careful with all our stuff.
They also wrapped everything that could be scratched in plastic wrap and drop clothes, showed up right on time and not a single dish was broken when we unpacked.

10/22/2012 konen york