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Privacy policy


This Privacy Policy entirely applies to the complete business operations of the majorvanline group of companies, which also include, but are definitely not in any way limited to majorvanline LLC.

Moving Services, LLC, majorvanline Group.

Information Covered:

This policy also applies to all those non-public, personal information that may be officially used to identify you, as our current customer or a potential customer or all of your family members too ("Personal Information"), that is finally obtained by us in connection with providing a good product or a service to you as a part of our operations. With regards to all our international business operations, your Personal Client Information may also be handled bit differently just in order to comply with the local privacy laws of the land.

Collection of Personal Information:

We also rely on several many sources of general information only to understand and meet all our valued customer’s and also potential customer’s basic needs and even to fulfill all of our business objectives, including your Personal Information that may even be collected by the majorvanline companies or one of our dealers, agents, truck operators or some other representatives or the third-party companies which are authorized to act on our behalf ("Representatives").

These sources may also include:
  • Information that you actually provide to us or to one of our Representatives in person or on their telephone;
  • Information which is provided when ever you visit our dedicated Websites or to communicate with us by an e-mail;
  • Information that you may actually supply to us in written or in our electronic surveys;
  • Information about all of your past transactions with any of the majorvanline companies;
  • Information from the consumer survey reporting middle agencies.
  • Information from anyone else that you have legally authorized to provide to us such information only to us.
  • This particular information may include your first name, street name and also email address, telephone number and may also include;
  • personal financial information, such as your credit card or even other personal bank account data. In the specific case of moving and even storage services, this particular information may also include your original address and also goods destination address, complete details about the real nature of the goods that is being shipped and also the full names and also “personal contact information” for some other persons who are involved in the goods shipment or even authorized to provide the final direction only on your behalf.

    We do not knowingly collect anybody’s Personal Information on our Websites directly from your children and will also destroy such information if we actually become aware that a small child has disclosed such a personal information to us without a proper parental due consent.