Dispute Resolution


Disagreements happen from time to time and, no matter how many precautions our carriers take to ensure your items arrive in the same condition in which they were picked up, incidents do happen.  When a consumer isn't satisfied with the results of their claim and/or they feel they are being treated unfairly by the carrier, there is an arbitration program available for dispute resolution.  

The American Moving and Storage Association provides an arbitration program specifically designed for the industry of moving household goods.  The two types of disputes AMSA's arbitration program can help to resolve include:

1) claims for lost or damaged goods when the claims process below is found to be unsatisfactory

2) any bills a shipper may receive once the move is complete if the charges are found to be invalid.  

For more information or to request arbitration, please click here.  


Claims Procedure

The carriers we work with are specifically hand-picked by us here at Major Van Lines.  These carriers have  select criteria that make them stand out from others including that they professionally train their movers in packers, loading, safety, and other techniques to ensure that all goods are delivered efficiently, safely and all in one piece!  That said, no matter the precautions taken, accidents happen.  For this reason, all of our chosen carriers provide Basic Valuation Protection free of charge with your move.  This coverage can help to recover repair and replacement costs although it is considered minimal protection at $.60/lb./article.  Additional coverage is often included in Homeowner's or rental insurance policies or is available through companies like Baker International for additional cost.  

To register a claim with Claims Service International for Basic Valuation Protection (included with your move at no cost), please click here